Ryuta Iida

Ryuta Iida


Wabi Savvy
A Satellite Exhibition of Gateway Japan Curated by Torrance Art Museum.

11851 La Grange Ave. Los Angeles, CA, 90025
by appointment only

tel: 424.248.0781
email: info@jausart.com
March18 to May 1, 2011
Opens Friday March 18 6:30-9:30pm

Curated by Gil Kuno for unsound.com

EYE (from the Boredoms)
Yasushi Ebihara (Courtesy Wada Fine Arts)
Asuka Hirata (Courtesy Yokoi Fine Art)
Mitsuko Ikeno
Tetsuhito Kinoshita
Saya Kubota (Courtesy Aisho Miura Arts)
Daito Manabe
Toshiya Masuda
Yuki Matsueda
Nerhol (Courtesy Takuro Someya Contemporary Art)
Yasushi Noguchi + Hideyuki Ando
Takao Sakai
Momoko Seto

JAUS (pronounced 'house') presents a satellite exhibition of "Gateway Japan" organized by The Torrance Art Museum.

Over a dozen Japanese artists deliver a vision of contemporary Japan through their art. The image you already have of the warped Japanese sensibilities are probably all true.

Curated by Gil Kuno – a Japanese American artist active in both the US and Japanese art scenes. 
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